Why leadership is everyone’s business

In the new reality of Agile and New Work, employees are increasingly taking over project management, steering, directing, bringing people together and implementing. If we look at it closely, leadership tasks are being transferred to officially “non-leadership” positions here. But is that even possible? Is it allowed?

Absolutely! But without adapting the framework conditions, processes and structures, and without investing in good training for every employee in such roles, the conflicts, frustration and excessive demands are virtually pre-programmed. This book shows what it takes for people to lead (self-)consciously without the power of hierarchy.

German book is now available!

Jedership the book

English translation will follow

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Alexander Keller

About the author Alexander Keller

Alex is a sparring partner, a questioner and, above all, a human being…

Alex is an author and works as a trainer and business consultant for small and large companies and institutions under the brand Humans Matter®. After studying computer science and psychology in Berlin, he acted as an entrepreneur, Agile coach and manager for various start-ups and corporations. Along with Nadine Köhler, Alex Keller is co-founder of Café der Fragen in Berlin, whose goal was to support people in their personal development outside of New Work companies as well and to make the hurdle for dealing with the big and small human questions as low as possible.

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